Colour Run

Last Sunday, Pooh and I joined a couple of friends for a fun run, which takes elements from the Hindu Holi festival. This spring festival celebrates the end of winter by chucking myriads of coloured powders at each other, showering the festival goers in vibrant dust. Basically, Colour Run has capitalised on the idea of pelting people with relatively harmless things and commercialising it on a massive scale. I refuse to spell it as ‘color’ as it’s a total bastardisation of the correct spelling (God, am I sounding like a snob or what?)

Getting on at Southern Cross with our free PT bands, the train was full of similarly dressed Melbournians. Of course, you have got to maximise the chance to capitalise by selling other Colour Run branded goods, so plenty were decked out with sunglasses, bands and I’m pretty sure I spotted some knee high Colour Run socks too.

When we arrived at the Showgrounds station, I was really surprised by the size of this event; it was a sea of white shirts! Even queueing for the starting line took about 45-50 minutes! But the atmosphere was upbeat with loud blaring pop music and excitable MC, so I didn’t feel time passing slowly.

The course, purportedly the ‘happiest 5km run’, was simple and running through was a challenge due to the huge crowds. They did have a few foam pits and a confetti area, which made it way more interesting. Pooh grew a blue foam beard (Perhaps his greatest facial hair achievement in his life!) The vibe throughout the run was fun and cheery, peppered with high fives from volunteers and cute slogans about pineapples and other fruit.

At the end of the Colour Run, they provide you with a plastic poncho to prevent staining seats on public transport. Very thoughtful but at the same time, totally not environmentally friendly. But eh, I’ll wear it anyway. Pooh mentioned we look like cult members as the masses poured on to the train, coloured from top to toe and all donning the clear ponchos. We ended up chowing down on dumplings at New Shanghai in Emporium, which is a favourite place of mine. I highly recommend the prawn dumplings with chilli oil and peanut sauce if you ever go.

Participating once in the Colour Run was enough for me. Getting pelted with colours and seeing the different patterns forming on everyone’s shirts was awesome since they looked like watercolour designs. Plus free Weiss bars (I snagged two!) and Pooh nonchalantly catching a pair of free sunnies tossed into the crowd were definitely highlights. Best of all though was the great company of Pooh, R & A!

Pooh and I with just a little smattering of colour.


Afternoon tea at Zimt’s

The carrot cake at this place is totally scrumptious. So good that Pooh had a few more bites after he proclaimed he was stuffed from lunch. I pretty much devoured mum’s opera cake as well as staking a sizeable claim to the carrot cake.

Every visit I always drool at their cake display… all those Austrian baked goodies! Definitely ranked high in my list of Melbourne patisseries. Next time I’m going to try some of their signature apple strudel.

Zimt – 171 Union Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Why do I do this to myself?!

​So first post, eh? 

Blogging has always been a great way to jot down inspirations and experiences but I’m going to be honest and I say I think I am really, reallyreally shit at writing interesting content. In fact, I predict I might probably give up a few posts after I reviewing my abysmal content.

I’ve tried doing the “dear diary” format in the past but it’s always been drab as fuck. You know, ‘today I did this. then this. then that.’ Urgh, boring. Thank god for privacy settings, shut that shit down! 

On a whim, I decided to give this blogging thing another go and here we are cause I’d love to improve my writing style to be more exciting or at least, less terrible… or I could throw in some subpar photos. Yay for app filters.

Yeah, so let’s see how we go.